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Helping Employees Prosper - Tips

by David Pinto

Employees prosper on regular constructive feedback

The logistics of adding more assessments might make you sick. Let's talk about why it's important for employees to get feedback in the first place. People prefer to get feedback on projects when they're done, or in casual meetings with their managers. We must distinguish between yearly feedback and informal feedback:

The point of informal one-on-ones are:

  • Ensure easy progress.

  • Understand and get rid of bottlenecks.

  • Discuss how to grow and develop skills.

  • Share and get feedback.

  • Build a relationship.

  • Continually help.

The point of formal one-on-ones are:

  • Over the last three to six months, how was performance?

  • Do employees check against goals and business objectives?

  • What is good, and what could be better?

  • For the next three months, what needs to be worked on?

In the here and now, informal meetings help:

  • Employees and managers will feel less pressure if they can work on their strengths or find areas for improvement in a shorter amount of time.

  • Encourage everyone to be more open and honest because everything doesn't depend on just one or two talks (or tied directly to compensation)

  • Motivate managers to give more relevant, actionable feedback that employees can put into practice right away so that they can improve right away.

  • Instill a culture of continuous, collaborative problem solving.

  • Aim to make employees more confident in themselves and more loyal to the company.

In the past, we've talked about the benefits of having informal feedback as part of your employee assessment strategy. Now, let's talk about the more intimidating idea of having that feedback on a regular basis. A lot of businesses do formal employee assessments at least twice a year and informal check-ins once a month or more. At Elefense, we believe it is right to do these things all the time.

Additionally, ensuring employees are happy and stable on a consistent basis is crucial to business health and wellbeing.

ELEFense allows organizations to assess employee sentiment, like happiness frustration or even motivation on a daily basis without wasting employee time and effort. No Questionnaires necessary.


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