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The Culture Feedback Loop



Increases Productivity

Good cultures have 2.5 times higher revenue growth thanks to increase productivity




Attracts better Talent 

56% job seekers say:

culture is more important than salary




Builds Reputation 

Culture brings 10% higher customer satisfaction and 20% higher sale

"Harvard Business Review"

Employee Retention

Replacing employees costs 6 months salary. ELEFense increase retention by 20%




Bring Security

43% of cyber security breaches were caused by disgruntled insiders




Employee Engagement

High employee motivation have 21% higher profitability




Employee Engagement and Experience with AI | Culture and Employee Retention | Measuring Company Culture | Cultural Transformation
Analyzing the change in trends over time allows management to understand:
  1. Internal motivation & enthusiasm

  2. Internal core values

  3. The after effect of events & trends

Thus, ELEFense can give team-level recommendations in order to solve future problems without confrontation!

Fix issues as they emerge

Rather than wait till they explode

Mold and measure company values as they appear


Rather than hope for the best

Proactively improve corporate work environment without frictio

Rather than trust yearly questionnaires

ELEFense's Innovative Approach

Surveys can miss your most important problems 

Survey Participation

ELEFense gives 100% response rates, including the disengaged.

Forced survey participation, results in inaccurate data. If it's not forced, the disengaged don't participate.

Reliability of Surveys

ELEFense was created by scientists and mathematicians to avoid biases.

Popularity and Management skills are not the same and will not be reflected in traditional surveys.

Ability to Measure Culture

ELEFense runs all data and conducts consistent analyses to measure culture.


Obtaining reliable and honest feedback requires re-running surveys, which are expensive and time-consuming. 

Hybrid & Remote Work

ELEFense's A.I. understands teams' virtual body language and trends


HR previously assessed trends by watching body language in the office, but today's communication is global and digital. 

Survey Crafting Challenges

ELEFense's A.I. driven engagement tool doesn't require careful wording to avoid bias. It also factors in video, images, and audio, far beyond surveys.


Surveys must be carefully worded and tested to  convey the right meaning and attitude.

ELEFense allows you to identify and fix issues as they emerge and before they become emergencies

Choosing Company Core Values

Values are critical to defining a company's culture and attracting the right talent. However, many companies struggle to measure and articulate their values effectively. ELEFense offers a unique solution by identifying current company values and providing a framework to clarify what makes a company unique and successful.

With our tool, companies can build a strong culture and find employees who fit their values.

​Brand Reputation Management  

In today's digital age, social media and online communication have made brand reputation management more important than ever.

Companies must prioritize positive relationships with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and partners, to avoid potential digital issues.

By making well-informed management decisions, companies can maintain a strong digital reputation.

Frictionless Remediation 

ELEFense's frictionless remediation approach proactively identifies potential workplace issues and provides discreet, non-confrontational solutions.

Our AI recommends interventions like trainings or coaching to address sensitive issues like abuse or discrimination by resolving issues before they escalate and without creating conflict.

ELEFense is designed to complement your existing strategies and provide a new tool to see and respond to behavioral patterns in real-time, while following your policies and procedures.

We offer ideas and tools based on best practices and the latest research and innovations to help improve communication and drive success.

Want to know more about
Culture Analytics? 

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