ELEFense computes employee engagement, sentiment & keyword trends in real-time at a department level, revealing critical people analytics to manage employee burnout and much more.

We can create a graph of employee and company health that indicates the effects of events and trends on cultural change. 

This is done automatically & in real-time without using questionnaires or other traditional methods. ELEFense saves you from relying on opinions or voluntary contributions to make a management decision.


how to improve employee engagement
Viewing cultural wellbeing by department allows companies to:
  1. Compare & contrast team compatibility & performance
  2. Ensure company health by receiving warning signals for any department
  3. Assess if a specific department needs attention 
Analyzing the most used words over time allows management to understand:
  1. Employee & customer loyalty
  2. Internal enthusiasm
  3. After effect of events & trends
The system will anonymously recommend actions with AI predictions per endpoint and department by providing scores and feedback
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HR analytics
how to improve company culture
HR analytics


Currently, companies rely on quarterly feedback from employees to assess workplace culture. This is not sufficient in the fast-paced working environment of today.

ELEFense monitors and analyses culture in real time, allowing companies to implement changes as problems occur, before they are ingrained into a negative company culture.

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Companies use questionnaires to assess workplace culture and employee satisfaction. 

These can be inaccurate, and rely on employees giving specific feedback.

ELEFense measures workplace culture directly from employees, analyses it and demonstrates trends within departments and whole companies. This allows companies to quickly understand where their culture needs to improve.

how to improve company culture


ELEFense offers leaders with data based sentiment insights

Replace questionnaires and spreadsheet reports created from gut feelings with a real-time people insights and management tool that produces benefits on a daily basis

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