ELEFense computes company engagement, sentiment & keyword trends in real-time at a department level to reveal Enterprise Cultural Analytics to manage employee burnout and much more.

We can create a graph of employee and company health that indicates the effects of events and trends on cultural change. 

This is done automatically & in real-time without using questionnaires or other traditional methods. ELEFense saves you from relying on opinions or voluntary contributions to make a management decision.
Viewing cultural wellbeing department by department    allow companies to:
  1. Compare & contrast team compatibility & performance
  2. Ensure company health & get warning signals for any department
  3. Asses if a specific department needs attention or response
  4. Monitor after-effects of trends and events
Analyzing the most used words over time allows management to understand:
  1. Employee & customer loyalty
  2. Internal enthusiasm
  3. After effect of events & trends
The system will anonymously recommend actions with AI predictions per endpoint and department by showing scores and reasons

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Culture Analytics? 

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How ELEFense can help your 


A decade ago, corporate Social or Governance misdemeanors were seen as hallway gossip; people who cared about them were the rumormongers'. Now, such issues are turning up on shareholders radars and affecting the bottom line.

Today behavior matters and reputation is everything.

Company executives until recently did not need to worry about anything other than a balance sheet, but today; employees, customers, and investors are asking business leaders to consider social and governance questions too. And it’s about time.

ELEFense can help your organization; we can ensure that everyone is being treated with the respect you would want. Ticking both the Social and Governance box of the big ESG trio.

Ensure fair treatment of everyone and every team in your company with ELEFense.