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ELEFense | Enterprise Company Culture, Sentiment Analysis, employee engagement

Ditch the manual grind of employee questionnaires and employee interviews to Work Smarter, Not Harder. Know what’s happening in your organization whilst respecting privacy.

ELEFense can quantify trends in company culture in real time; on a day-to-day basis. On a graph.

What is ELEFense?
ELEFense is A.I. driven tech that analyses company activity & builds a unified dashboard to demonstrate corporate culture, sentiment, and key words in order to assess cultural health and trends in real time.
Improve service levels, reduce costs, deepen customer loyalty, prevent risk of abuse and more. It is a system that alerts to risk in order to simultaneously protect employees & companies.
The system can alert management of negative, or risky events or trends and provide an indication of a company 's overall health.

Why is ELEFense special?
There are presently two  accepted and widely used methods of measuring company culture.
1. Using consultancy firms to come and interview individuals
 Using  questionnaires
Both these methods have a significant value and  drawback.

Elefense  is the first system of its kind which allows  company and corporate operations  to understand company culture in a graphical manner in a real-time  environment


How does ELEFense technology work?
We collect company digital activity from official company communication channels in real time and organize it in order to give an understanding of company cultural trends.

Our artificial intelligence does more than flag simple keywords. ELEFense’s algorithm analyzes language and is trained to recognize the ever-evolving nuances of the workplace environment.

We’ve developed our systems with state-of-the-art security technologies, and we’re proud to report that we’re compliant with more privacy regulations than are legally required of us — and that we’ve never had a data breach of any kind.

What is the ELEFense Coverage?
ELEFense is able to collect data from professional work platforms such as browsers as well as texts, chat, email, streaming platforms, and all cloud drives. And because we know that employees communicate with more than just words, we also analyze images, text within images and video.

It is extremely important to mention that the company has full control of which channels are to be analyzed.


How ELEFense Started?
ELEFense was founded by managers looking for a way to understand their company activity while preserving employee privacy. When we discovered that no such tool existed, we created one themselves.

We understand that managing with technology is hard — after all, we’re the first generation of Executives to have employees who are so connected. Because of this, everything we do is guided by our perspective as Executives trying to guide employees in the digital age.


Wait, what about Privacy?
We are absolutely dedicated to protecting the privacy of every individual in your company.

Everyone in a modern organization lives and thrives with technology – private and work life is more entwined than ever— which is why we don’t give Executives unfettered access to their employees’ digital activities. Organization has full control of what will be analyzed.
Moreover no private individual is ever shown on the system, only groups of 8 people and above, and none of their communications or private doings. 


How can ELEFense Help Me?
How do large enterprises measure the impact of an event or trend on culture & overall company health?

It is increasingly hard for large organizations to understand what is happening in their own environment due to the masses of data being sent to and from each entity, platform, and device inside and outside of the organization. The common questionnaires being used today are not effective and cannot be trusted.

With the “great resignation” organizations for their survival must ensure a healthy company environment. Historically, enterprise governance scandals and issues were dealt with internally, today with social media employee victims revealing scandals to the public before companies know about it.

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