Measuring Leadership with People Analytics

Poor leadership within the workplace can negatively impact businesses. For example, employee micromanagement as a result of poor leaders can lead to low morale in the workplace. Employees who excel at their jobs are not necessarily great leaders, and promoting them to management positions may be a waste of talent and time. As a result, a method of assessing management efficiency using People Analytics is required to monitor those in management roles and their effects on other employees, in real-time, to confirm everything is running smoothly and to ensure the company's overall success.

The three key aspects of leadership that need to be analyzed using People Analytics are:

1. Leadership effectiveness

The effectiveness of a manager is defined by how well they engage with their team members and facilitate interactions. This can be measured to ensure that the right people are promoted to management positions and that time and energy are spent efficiently within the company. Managers can use this data to improve their own leadership skills and make decisions about how to allocate resources within teams.

2. Employee engagement

Employee engagement is defined as an employee’s emotional commitment to their job and company. It includes three key components: feeling valued at work, pride in what one does and having fun at work. Employees who are engaged are more productive and less likely to leave the company than those who are disengaged. Organizations can identify managers who are negatively impacting their companies by measuring employee engagement on an ongoing basis and taking immediate action to improve the situation.

3. Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction assesses how happy employees are with their jobs and companies. This is an important metric for company success because if employees are dissatisfied with their work environment, it will show in the quality of their work. Poor leadership directly reduces employee satisfaction, so this is an important indicator of whether leadership is effective.

Monitoring these three factors with People Analytics in real-time would assess management efficiency and employee opinions. This would allow problems within the company to be addressed before they impact on the entire organisation. ELEFense can help address these problems through analysing workplace culture in real-time using AI, thus improving workplace culture.