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Citações Culturais de Titãs

Para que organizações, empresas ou grupos prosperem, eles precisam de uma visão e uma cultura forte. Aqui estão 100 citações culturais de alguns dos maiores líderes dos últimos tempos.

inspiring company culture quotes 0/1–2 business leaders 0/1–2 re craft culture 0/1–2 corporate process 0/1–3 completely within the control 1/2–3 founder and ceo 0/2–4 less corporate process 0/1–3 core values 0/1–2 people of diverse perspectives 0/1–3 carefully defined qualities 0/1–2 vision strategy marketing financials 0/1–2 inspirational company culture quotes 0/1 organization's makeup 0/1–2 whole person 1/2–3 human nature 0/2–3 satisfied customers which leads 1/2–3 control of the entrepreneur 1/2–3 advantage that is completely 1/2–3 professional development classes 0/1 chief cultural officer 0/1–3 company's success depends 0/1–2

Culture is the personality of a company and the personality of an organization. A strong culture leads to positive results, such as satisfied customers, a satisfied employee base, and high corporate culture.


You can hire a thousand people and get a thousand different ideas of what your company culture should be. At the end of the day, it is the leader who has to make decisions and decide where they want to go with the company culture.

strong company culture and positive company culture has a huge impact on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Make sure you're building the right culture based on your unique business goals by reading these company culture quotes (and quotes about satisfied employees).

We are firm believers that culture, at its core, is a collection of shared beliefs that drive everything you do. A company's values are reflected in the actions and behaviors of every employee — from how they communicate with customers, how they engage with their colleagues and what they stand for. So now we know what our team says about us, which is quite nice actually.

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