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We are a group of professional managers scattered around the globe who understand that today's changing environment requires us to function differently from how we did in the past.

With that in mind, we have devised a system to protect the organizations of the future. Our AI-driven engagement tools help businesses replace questionnaires and employee engagement surveys and understand how to manage organizations in real time.

Our team is comprised of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds. We're a passionate group of people who love what we do. We're excited to meet you, so feel free to contact us for more information.

We provide real-time Culture and People Analytics.

Meet The Team

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Company Values 



Flat pyramid company.

• No one should ever feel superior or inferior. Everyone is a part of the team. 

• The best ideas will come form those who work hard.

Continual Improvement

Clear mission, vision & goals for everyone. Avoid micromanaging at all costs. 


• Employees not only need to know how the business is performing but also where it currently is & where it is headed. 

Keep It Simple

Open meeting policy.

• Any meeting that doesn't cover sensitive subjects such as payments will be open to everyone in the company. 

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No Fear of mistakes

Everyone is human. 

• Learning/growth encouragement at every opportunity.

Want to protect the world from workplace toxicity? 



Fill in the form or feel free to send your CV indicating the position you would like to apply for to:

Merci d'avoir soumis!

All the data you send us will be kept confidential at the best of our ability and nothing you share will be shared onwards. 

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