Data Security 


ELEFense has been developed with data protection by design and default from day one. We have spent extensive time thinking and designing the system to ensure complete security. In fact, we regularly bring in pen testers to confirm our work has been done correctly.

Since we understand the sensitivity of the data we are dealing with, our cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is therefore 100% secure and encrypted.

All of our platform communications are completely anonymised and encrypted, and once analysed, deleted. Thus since we do not collect or store any raw data, you can rest assured that there is no threat. 

If for legal or compliance reasons you must install on customer premises, whether it be on physical hardware or your own cloud, we can accommodate.

Moreover, the system is completely hardened and leakproof, meaning no data can escape. We put our money where our mouth is and we don't mind you testing us!

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