What No One Talks About - Uri Gruenbaum

Uri is the Co- founder and

Tipranks provides accurate data for retail investors to measure their investments.

The company Just raised $77M, and they have 5.5 million visitors on their site on a monthly basis.

My conversation with Uri was unique, I asked him the questions everyone ignored, and learned more than I could have wished for.

So Uri, what is the hardest thing about being a CEO? Everyone says that the top of the mountain feels lonely, all the pressure is on you and by the end of the day, you make decisions. Whether you like it or not.

That's your job, solving problems and giving a clear direction to your organisation.

Every decision you make will affect your business, you need to take that fact into consideration, because if you do not, you'll lose direction.

How do you build a strong value proposition? And what would you suggest other companies do to deliver a strong value proposition 24/7.

In our case it's a bit different. We deliver data, so it's easier, not easy, but easier.

When you start a company, and you want to build a strong value proposition, you need to have a vision about the product and the audience that will eventually buy the product. When you know those 2 factors, you can build a strong value proposition.

But most CEOs stop there, the only key you have, and it really doesn't matter if you're in the biotech industry or the fintech industry for example, you need to listen to your customers.

Your customers have needs, and that's the reason you build that product, to answer their needs, but it will never be perfect, so what you need to do to build a strong value proposition over time so your customer can enjoy 24/7 is actually listen.


What do you do if you have sexual harassment or extreme discrimination in your midst? Is this something you have experienced in the past? How do you avoid such situations.

I'm fortunate. Never experienced such a case like sexual harassment. Personally, I have zero tolerance for harassment or extreme discriminations. We have an open policy, the people who work here know, any case, and they're out.

How do you build integrity inside your organisation?

That's a good question, we found our own way to get a good hiring process for us. Sometimes, you make mistakes, if you think you make zero mistakes, you don't know what is happening inside your company.

But for us, we give huge responsibility to our candidates. I'm always open to questions, solving problems, but he knows he has a responsibility. Subconsciously, we as humans, we will outperform, but you need to be open to the mistakes he will make, question, and even help them with the project they manage.

What characteristics does the ultimate leader have?

I'll actually start with what I think that I don't have.

Think about Moses, he took millions of Jews out of Egypt, how do you think he made it? People knew what he wanted from them. His vision was crazy, after 400 years, taking people out of Egypt sounds crazy. But, they knew his vision. When he got the 10 commandments, they believed in him. He had a vision, big vision, and he brought results, people related to his vision and went with Moses, it's crazy, but that's leadership.

Secondly, be humble. You need to be humble. Here in Israel, we have an ecosystem that everyone has a start-up, or anyone knows someone that has a start-up. You build your network with humbleness, no one is born with a network, you build it with time.

Say thank you, i appreciate it, people will instantly appreciate you back, because you appreciate their help. You'll be amazed by the insane number of people that never say thank you.

Last question, you have 3 little kids, a wife, you have a family, as a CEO, how do you build a balance between your life and career?

I think that there is no balance, you need to know how to organise your time. I take the kids to school every morning, and I have one or two days that I’m taking them back from School and while having fun, weekends are an amazing opportunity to see family.

I have a very supportive family, and that's the secret, support, there is no balance and that's why you need to have someone to support you.

Uri Gurdenbaum, thank you, it was an amazing opportunity speaking with you, absorbing knowledge, and learning new things.