Stefania Saveni - Entrepreneur at heart and Chief Business Development of Longevity

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Stefania is Chief Business Development in a Fintech company ( that is growing very quickly.

We spoke about her journey, what brought her to where she is today, and what you need to do to grow a company like hers.

Stefania tell me more about your self

My name is Stefania, I'm a CBD in a Fintech company that called logivity card, I'm inside non-profit organizations that will become a profitable business soon.

Stefania, how did you get to where you are today?

The answer is pretty easy, it's all about making a decoration and stand by the values you make to yourself every single day. And then, everything will come to you.

Let's talk more business, your company is growing quickly. You're 40 employees and you'll double in 6 months, what do you think is the single reason for your incredible growth?

It's all about the attitude we're looking for when we hire, we look for the attitude first, it doesn't matter if he/she has a degree or and experience, without attitude, our place is not their place.

How do you find that attitude inside them?

We give them a couple of tasks, and we see how they operate, then, we give them a recommendation paper to fill to see where the wind blows inside their thoughts.

Sounds very complex, but it's not that complex to be honest, and it's worth it, because your hiring process will be much more effective and you can see actual results.

Tell me about your experience in a start-up company, what are the difficulties appearing when you grow?

For the people that like working 8 hours and going home, it will be hard to impossible.

You need to have passion to what you do, you can work on it for hours.

For us, it's an amazing experience, we all know each other not like a big company when you don't know the name of the people that sit nearby. We're a small family that desires our success, that the power that breaks even with the difficulties.

Tell me what you do to grow the business that specific to you.

I'm doing the hard work, and that's building relationship from scratch with potential customers, this process of finding the keys that can open a lot of gates in some time from now is crucial, I email 100 people, best case 10 get back, and then what I do is mention the benefits and get interested in their company and themselves.

How do you know in details how to talk to each and specific company?

It's all about your dream customer, when you identify it's needs, you will know how to talk to them, that formula that fits to one customer and a sale happening you know that you find the right one and that specific formula will drive customers like crazy, now you know who needs your services and who's not.

Stefania, thank you, it was a complete pleasure, i appreciate it.