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Sam Curry: CSO of Cyber Reason - Visionary & Strategist

by Afek Shusterman

Sam is the CSO of Cyber Reason, he has over 2 decades of experience in the world of Cyber Security And contributes greatly to the field through his podcast (Security- All IN) and other publications.

What are the main areas the security department deals with?

Our department specifically ensures that all other sectors of the business remain 100% secure and void of any Cyber threats.

What type of people can work inside your department?

All kinds of people.

We have found people from all different backgrounds who have expressed interest in Cyber Security. Our team understood that skills can be taught if the passion is present.

During the interview process, we really emphasize attitude and motivation toward the security world.

The better the attitude, the better the employee.

As the chief of security, how do you foster the growth of your department?

Most people think that security is a kiddie pool, when in reality, we make sure the business is secure enough for the business to run; without it you can literally close the doors of your business.

Security is a field that is constantly growing and developing. There is always more to be done with new methods and resources.

I think that’s what makes us special; the reason we need to be in a constant growth makes me feel more eager about our industry.

How do you build an environment that people can feel and perform in a more productive way?

We are primarily motivated by our passion for the cyber security field. When we make great deals of progress, I found that it electrifies the atmosphere between us and helps to create a positive atmosphere


We also make it a point to look out for each other. By the end of the day, we have discovered that employees want to feel like they belong in their place of work. Productivity would easily decrease if there was no sense of togetherness.

How do you make people feel like they belong as an executive?

I think that’s a question of leadership, not as a manager, or an executive.

There is a famous video of Simon Sinek that talks about “start with why”. You realise that without your why, there is no way you can actually play the role of a leader.

Simon talks about leadership, he says that being a leader is like being a parent, if you don’t like taking care of your kids, giving to them, taking care of them, you’re not a leader.

Simon’s take on leadership has really inspired me in the way I manage our team. It is a never ending learning process and I am lucky that my team makes it easy for me.


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