Marketing Master

Udi Ledengor:

Udi is CMO at Gong, Marketing Master and Fascinating Human Being.

We spoke about marketing, the secret sauce that brought Gong to its valuation as a private company (7.2 Billion), and the black on white deck that you might not know the secret behind.

It's been a pleasure speaking with Udi, he is an amazing and insightful individual.

What is in your mind the best B2B marketing practice?

There's no one method, there is a tool box that a marketer needs to use, but by the end of the day, all you need to do is to provide a massive value to create a "raving fans" audience.

You need a sale by the end of the day, so in order to get an "easy" sale you need to constantly provide value.

If we compare gong to other companies or even competitors on the market we'll find out that the other companies don't really give to their audience what they need in terms of marketing, to create a "raving fan" you need to constantly provide value.

For example, Gong's email open rates are way beyond the market, why? Because we provide value that they need right now, for example a mail saying "how to open up a cold call" and you twist it with the Juicy value.

We bring up the world's best speakers to Gong, and we share this for free, because we know it will build an audience that will eventually buy our software.

First, give, give, give and then ask.

We make insightful content that we know people will be down to pay for in advance.

Gong is right now the company with a 7.2 Billion US Dollar valuation and it's private, how? Can you please mention several milestones that helped gong reach that title?

First of all, we solve a real problem and solution, and people actually need it, and then we prove market fit.

We proved that sales teams and sales people actually don't track success so how would they know how to improve… Gong does it, first to prove market fit.

Second, we never compromise when we hire people, we make 8 interviews with any candidate and even a c-level executive

Third, we don't have value, we have operational principles, we have 8 of them and we follow them at any thing we're as company and as an individual's do inside the company.

I've heard a lot about Gong's culture, what crucial steps have you followed to reach a rich culture?

Culture to me is being happy every morning when you go to work.

Our people are top priority, we defined 8 operating principles,we use them, number 1 is to create raving fans out of every situation we all focused on creating raving fans.

We all actually do this every day.

But what's actually special is that those operating principles give freedom to our gongsters to create what they want to do to push Gong's vision. So people feel free, creative and they belong to an environment if people actually like and do the same so it's a fantastic feeling.

How do you make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for Gong?

We train our managers to ask questions that dove deep into our operational principles.

Every employee gets an interview by a c-level executive. We look at it as a million dollar decision. We will make a million in either way, but if we've been mistaken we will lose that million dollars.

For higher positions we always give them exercise, and we ask for a presentation . We get much more insight from that instead of an interview.

What are the difficulties that Gong experienced as a small company in her early days trying to raise money?

Well, investors like to invest on what they know and trust, at the first level you're selling a dream.

How have you made people believe in Gong's vision? Let's dive deep into the story telling…

We'll, it's easier to make people agree on a problem in certain ways but it's much harder to agree on a solution.

If you get people to agree on a problem you might fundraise even before you present the solution...