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Importance and Examples of Business & Company Values

by David Pinto

Best examples of company values

A company's value system defines the behaviors and attitudes that are important to success.

The best companies have a set of values that can be shared by every team member in the entire organization, no matter where they work or their level within the organization. They help guide employees' decisions and actions, both in business and in life. This should create entrepreneurial spirit and the company's success since the company's values should enable employees within the same team to pursue growth.

What are company values?

A company value (referred to as a core value) is a belief system based upon guiding principles. This is an excellent tool for teamwork and enables your company to differentiate themselves from other companies. This is important for your decisions about the business based on a set of fundamental principles.

Examples of the best company core values:


Companies with strong ethical standards tend to attract customers who feel comfortable doing business with them. Employees who trust one another are more likely to work together more effectively and to have greater employee satisfaction.

Open and honest relationships between employees are important to help employees feel part of a family spirit and as if they have equal opportunities to other employees. This helps to foster a positive team, leading to successful companies.

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This value means consistently doing what you say you will do — whether it's keeping your commitments to customers, vendors, or business partners; sharing information openly; or communicating openly with team members about challenges and successes. Therefore, deep integrity should be a key one of the organization's values to create collective success.

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Diversity and inclusion

A diverse workforce helps companies understand their customers better, so they can serve them better, too, enabling greater customer success. It also helps ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for advancement regardless of age or race, gender or sexual orientation, religion or disability status (or any other characteristic) since every employee deserves equal opportunities.

This should be one of the core principles of a company to ensure cultural diversity, different backgrounds, continuous learning, and different thinking styles. This will lead to valuable insights since diverse perspectives fuels innovation.

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Employees working together toward a common goal can achieve far more than those who do not collaborate effectively with each other or with customers (or other external partners).

Teamwork requires cooperation — not competition — among teammates at all levels in the organization to work towards collective success and innovative ideas.

Working effectively within a team can ensure continuous improvement, and when employees agree and can work together in one team, this improves the entire company.

Why are company values important?

Core company values are a motivational force for employees to improve business practices. It's incredibly crucial for employees to enjoy their work and create fun. Employees are more engaged when they have a greater work-life balance. It is essential your values are incorporated into the whole organisation and not confined to business leaders. Purpose: Improve the customer experience. This will give the organization a competitive advantage over others, meaning the organizational culture will help bring success.

Examples of companies with inspiring core values

Patagonia's values are not merely positive statements to place on its homepage. After finding their piles damaging natural stone, they developed an eco-friendly alternative: aluminum chock. It was a bold move that included providing childcare at home and developing tools for grassroots activists and Patagonia action work conferences. Recently Chouinard moved ownership of the business to another trust that would sustain future operations.

How to implement Core Values?

When analyzing the values of others, you may be asking yourself how can you implement these values in your company? While setting a basic set of beliefs can be a difficult task, there are several steps you can take for you to start a new one.

Check with your team

You can start by asking your founder or executive team for help. It's often clear that there is an overall vision that reflects company values. If not, then perhaps you need to arrange some brainstorming with your staff members. Company value is often reflected when teamwork solves problems in the same way. If you are launching a new business, take notes and store them anywhere you can easily access. You will be able to use it to find ideas if you draw a gap or get stuck. Once your framework is established, it becomes easier to define the values of your organisation. If there were any issues figuring it out, the company culture template could be helpful.

Solicit feedback

The amount of feedback needed for an undertaking is not a one-time thing. What makes you like doing work in this industry so much? While the answers are nice, the answers can't be specific or honest. You need to ask difficult questions about things; you need more detail to get feedback. It's a great tool for understanding what culture your company has. Building on your own values is an excellent strategy to create an effective and sustainable business culture. It is equally important for people in informal discussions to get in the way. Tell them what they need to do. Make a conscious effort to listen to yourself.

Make your core values unique to your brand

Almost every industry contains a phrase a business can use that is relevant to it. But they're likely not able to communicate what's unique about your brand. Your corporate values don't only define the values your company is based on. This is the difference between you and everyone else in this business. Throughout your career, we learn together and develop tactics. This behavior was founded on shared values. Basically, the aim of the step will be to expose this unique value. Sometimes you need quotes inspired by the company's culture. These are informal meetings or spontaneous conversations.

Implement feedback

Part of creating values for the company must be to make sure employees are comfortable with these concepts. The next step is to take feedback and apply it. While feedback may not always provide useful insights, this contribution should be acknowledged. If you examine updates in your team, you will be looking for patterns. Identify the steps that you're going to take when implementing these changes in your business. Tell your teammates about this, and thanks for the information.

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