Why ELEFense is the best solution for Insider Threats Protection

An insider threat is a potential risk to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors, or business associates, who have inside details about the organization. Insider threat incidents in the US have more than doubled in the last two years, with businesses across the country experiencing 2,500 internal security breaches every day.

Insider threats can cost a company millions of dollars; therefore companies seek to limit these threats.

The organization's culture is its lifeblood, and it includes the shared values, norms, beliefs, and assumptions that ultimately drive employees' actions. Lisa Forte an Insider threat expert who runs cyber crisis simulations for large companies to help them prepare for attacks explains the importance of good company culture when looking to reduce insider threats. In her podcast, she explains that when employees are unhappy or sense a lack of trust within the company, they are more likely to become insider threats. This is because when employees are happy and content with their workplace they will be less likely to go and sabotage their employers or the business. Therefore when creating an insider threat program, the focus should be given to ensuring companies aren’t just developing or increasing the likelihood of an insider threat. An emphasis should consequently be given to investing in helping employees and understanding their struggles and ultimately modifying the culture of the company. Improving the culture of the company will eventually avoid the vulnerability of being exploited.

This is why ELEFense will be the best solution for insider threat protection. ELEFense systems use Artificial intelligence to provide an understanding of the workplace, well-being values and ultimately the company’s culture. ELEFense software will allow companies to understand how to change their company culture and where the problems lie to ensure the positive well-being of their employees. Prioritising improving the culture of the company through the information ELEFense provides will allow insider threat protection to be enhanced and the likelihood of an insider threat to be reduced. Without the knowledge of how to improve the culture of a company, employees are more likely to be unhappy and vulnerability will rise.

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