All About Culture And Fundraising - Leon Lerman

Leon lerman:

Leon, is the CEO and co-founder of Cynerio, a company that protects medical devices from cyber attacks, and gives accurate data on a patient's progress.

Leon has shared with us valuable knowledge and Cynerio's core values.

Cynerio raised $30M series B last week, and the healthcare industry is on a ride.

Leon, what is the hardest thing about being a CEO?

Everyone says that the top of the mountain feels lonely, all the pressure is on you and by the end of the day, you make decisions.

Whether you like it or not.

That's your job, solving problems and giving a clear direction to your organization.

Every decision you make will affect your business, you need to take that fact into consideration, because if you do not, you'll lose direction.

You need to make quality decisions that will drive the company, to me make few of those good qualities. I don't need to make every quality, it's important to feel free.

What do you mean when you say quality decisions?

I'll describe it with an example inside our company.

We had a situation where we needed a good VP sales to drive the income of the company.

To CEO go and talk to every candidate is not available all the time, but as a CEO i know that the income of the company got to go up and it was important to me to talk with any candidate, because I want to see him, i wanted to make a good hiring decision to see if he fits to our requirements, it's a very important point because that's the income of our company and i want to make the best decision out of all the candidates.

You need to look for your quality decisions, and focus on them. You need to give freedom to your employees to do the work to maintain a good, healthy environment by letting them make their own decisions.

In your mind, what culture and how do you put what you believe in action to drive the company?

To me, culture is rules that you act by inside the environment you're in.

For us, we have core values.

We follow our core values, we don't spend time, everyone in our team knows the core values and we all follow them because it organizes all.

Focus on making as few core values as possible so the easier it will be to operate and you create a more free environment for your team to work in.

We talked about your company values and the example you gave me about making a quality decision to fire up the company. Let me ask you, please what comes down to the table when you're looking to hire?


Look when you hire the top of the team, you set the direction to the future people inside your company, in terms of their behavior and how they fit with the company culture.

Then when my team hire, they will look for people they love and fit themselves, because they want to work with people they love so subconsciously they would hire people by the characteristics we look for and their behavior.

That's how we're able to maintain the hiring process and keep a healthy environment.

First, congratulations on raising $30M, but let's look up from an investor point of view. If you were an investor, what characteristics would you look for when you invest?

First, I want to double my investment.

Secondly, I'll look for people that will solve a problem that they relate to.

I would look for a burning desire and satisfaction.

You know you smell like a good entrepreneur from a mile away, you just need to have a good chemistry with him or her.

That's make a significant impact on your decision.

What lesson can you share with us as an entrepreneur trying to raise money?

First I think it's all about your story, work and change your story it will to be perfect, go and have some validation.

Don't ever fall in love with what you have, you'll change it over again so many times.

Take every validation you get and try to think about what you can do, what things you potentially evolve to tell a better story.

Leon Lerman, thank you, it was an amazing opportunity speaking with you, absorbing knowledge, and learning new things.