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Doubling Company Valuations with A.I.

Decisions leaders make, have a direct impact on business culture like motivation & engagement ELEFense gives you the data and actionable recommendations to make good decisions


Culture is the elephant in the room, and we make it work for you with A.I.

Employee listening and Experience with AI | Culture and Employee Retention | Culture Consulting

x4 times more

with ELEFense

Companies with good cultures are 4 times more likely to be leaders in innovation

(Source: McKinsey)


70% better 
with ELEFense 

Company culture can increase a company's reputation by up to 67%


(Source: Harvard Shandwick)


x4 Increase


with ELEFense 

Companies with a strong culture experience 4x revenue growth compared to those without

(Source: Forbes)


>200% less 
with ELEFense 

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%

(Source: Gallup)


Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast
-Peter Drucker

Imagine being told

that now is the time to:

  • Set up a team building exercise

  • Set up an inclusion training

  • Schedule a 1-to-1 with team members

  • Change your mind about a bad decision 

  • Pay attention to certain value issues like collaboration or motivation

All based on real time data

employee experience | employee listening strategy | Culture and Employee Retention |  Culture Consulting
ELEFense provides real-time, A.I. driven insights & actionable recommendations to improve management & culture

people analytics
company culture
employee experience
employee engagement

How We Do It


We use Standard DLP tech, commonly used to take snapshots of sensitive data in cyber.



DLP has the advantages of knowing how to filter out private chats tools and sensitive data.



  • Data is stored on customer prem

  • System is completely hardened

  • Rest & moving data is encrypted

  • We have full time Pen testers & data privacy expert on our team



Output is numerical and grouped into teams for privacy & data security


Privacy is a Basic Human Right





We’re GDPR, DPA and ICO compliant. All data is de-identified, anonymous and on-prem. You choose what to analyse, and we have the ability to filter out all private communications & doings.

All output is numerical and added into groups of 8 people to protect privacy (as if you’d understand interactions from numbers even if we didn’t pool it!) + Raw data is deleted after analysis

Registration Certificate - ZB487848

For more Details such as our listing and registration numbers contact our Data Security Data protection officer and see Privacy Policy or GDPR 

Partners, Shareholders & Backers

employee engagement 6/6–22 company cultureemployee experience 10/9–35 employee engagement survey 1/1–2
training future employees for engagement | Culture and Employee Retention | Workplace Culture Consulting

Legal Counsel & GDPR Advisor

It's impressive how much insights ELEFense can share about employees without infringing on employee privacy

Dina Benzaquen
employees feel | employees | thought leaders | organization | buy in | co founder | create | focus | success | future | feel good | training | Culture and Employee Retention | Workplace Culture Consulting

Data Scientist with Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence

Big-data, AI & ML provides capabilities surpassing the value of traditional feedback, survey instruments and approaches, allowing ELEFense to measure & visually plot organizational culture

Anca Goron
successful employee listening strategy | Culture and Employee Retention | Culture Consulting

Organizational Psychologist

Organizational culture is a science, that can be measured, ELEFense will be an invaluable employers tool to help us understand business culture 

Raanan Hass
successful employee listening strategy | Culture and Employee Retention | Workplace Culture Consulting

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